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How much does a sex doll cost?

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In recent years, the demand for sex dolls has increased. This means there are lots of new buyers coming into the market. A common question is therefore: How much does a sex doll cost? Why are some cheaper and some much more expensive? People specifically ask "how much should I pay for a sex doll" and "is a sex doll worth it". But the price of sex dolls is determined by many factors, and different factors lead to different prices, so you just need to consider what kind of sex doll you want. In this blog, we will first discuss the main factors that affect the price of sex dolls and then we will introduce you to the features of sex dolls in different price ranges. You can choose the Anime Sexpuppen that suits your individual needs and check its price based on our presentation.

What are the main factors that affect the price of sex dolls?
If you look around the online sex doll stores, you will find that the selection is very large. The sex doll industry is booming, and the leading sex doll manufacturers are doing their best to meet the growing consumer demand. But these sex dolls vary in price, and here are a few factors that can affect the price of a sex doll.


The material of the sex doll is one of the most important factors for most real Kleine Sexpuppe lovers. Among the sex dolls on dollsger.com, most are made of two materials, TPE or silicone. TPE is flexible, malleable and has a soft texture, making TPE one of the best choices for making sex dolls. TPE sex dolls have softer skin and respond better to stretching, which is why many people prefer it. However, TPE sex dolls are not heat and stain resistant, so you will need to care for them frequently. Generally, silicone sex dolls are more expensive than TPE sex dolls on the market because silicone sex dolls look more realistic and silicone sex dolls are easier to maintain and can withstand very high heat.

All in all, each material is great and has its own characteristics, so it depends a lot on what type of sex doll you want. If you want a realistic Fantasy Sexpuppen that is highly heat-resistant and stain-resistant, silicone is your best choice. If you have a small budget but still want a quality product, then buy TPE sex dolls.

The quality of the material

Are the sex dolls made of real or fake TPE or silicone? Do you know that? As the Realistische Sexpuppen market grows, more and more fake sex doll products are popping up. We have already informed you about the dangers of buying fake sex dolls so you can check them out. The material plays an important role in the production of sex dolls. Real materials are always more expensive than fake ones. TPEs are made by mixing different plastics together during the manufacturing process. The more plastics used, the lower the quality of the TPEs. The less plastic is used, the higher the quality of the TPE. Overall, sex dolls that use real TPE or silicone are trustworthy.

Custom made sex dolls and sex dolls in stock

Sex dolls can either be customized or come in stock. Generally, custom-made sex dolls are much more expensive than stock sex dolls. On some Japanische Sexpuppen websites you can find different types of sex dolls in stock. These sex dolls are made by sex doll makers day in and day out with no extra work. You can buy these sex dolls in stock at a much lower price than customized sex dolls. Sex doll manufacturers are constantly producing new models to satisfy their customers. Therefore, there is a good chance that you will find a ready-made sex doll that suits you perfectly.

If you prefer a specific type of sex doll, e.g. For example, if you want one that resembles your loved one, or if you want a specific body type, hair color, or other features, choose a custom sex doll. You can choose different details, such as: B. Skin color, nails, hairstyle, make-up, etc., including the genitals. You can also choose a fully customizable sex doll, where you can not only choose all the body parts you want, but also create your own fictional character. Custom-designed sex dolls can be better tailored to the specific needs of different customers and require more additional work steps, which is why they are more expensive.



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