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Misconceptions about love dolls

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Myth #4 - Sex dolls are addictive
Sex doll manufacturers have put a lot of work into making these sex dolls as human-like as possible. This helps the Liebespuppe give the user a lot of pleasure during sex. However, this is not a complete replacement for real human interaction, so you don't have to worry about getting addicted to sex dolls. Of course, it may happen that users are more inclined to interact with a sex doll than with another real person. But that doesn't mean they're addicted to it. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable using sex dolls, we recommend that you be careful and moderate. It is up to you to decide whether you want to use sex dolls or not unless you really want to.

Myth 6 - Sex dolls are very expensive
This idea was gained by comparing many news reports with real life examples that you may have read about. The reason these are so popular is because they use high quality Anime Sexpuppe models. Therefore, you must understand that sex dolls come in different variants and price ranges. Just like other items like cars, cell phones, and clothing, sex dolls come with a variety of pricing options. In this blog post How much does a sex doll cost, we have given you an overview of the factors that affect sex dolls. So don't let the exorbitant price tag create a barrier between you and a sexually fulfilled partner.

Myth 7 - Sex dolls are for hormonal people
This idea is actually ridiculous. It's almost like saying that kleine sexpuppe are only for sexually active and sex-obsessed people. However, we've found that many people don't buy sex dolls precisely because they don't want to be labeled as sex-obsessed. If you feel this way, then it's time to say goodbye to this assumption. As we mentioned earlier, there are many people who are very fond of using sex dolls, including older people. So rest assured that Japanische Sexpuppen are not just for people with drastic hormonal changes.

Myth 8 - Sex dolls are bad for your health.
Yes, this is a common misconception that we come across again and again. A quarter of people believe that real sex dolls can have negative effects on their health. They believe that sex dolls are made of cheap plastic and contain dangerous chemicals. But how much truth is there in this view? We can tell you with certainty that it is zero percent! It is true! And why? Because when you buy real Fantasy Sexpuppen from a reputed sex doll manufacturer, the quality of the material is not in question.



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