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How to choose a sex doll?

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The sex doll market is gradually growing, and more and more people are finding that sex dolls bring them so much pleasure. Whether you are a beginner or a sex doll enthusiast, choosing a suitable Sexdoll is not an easy task. Factors such as personal preferences, budget and space requirements must be taken into account. With so much choice on the sex doll market, finding the perfect doll can be a challenge. So how do you choose a sex doll? That is the question this blog aims to answer and we hope the answers we have provided are helpful.

It is very important to talk about the material of sex dolls. The most commonly used materials in the love doll market currently are TPE and silicone. You can find a detailed comparison of the two in the blog “Silicone Sex Dolls vs. TPE Sex Dolls”. Simply put, TPE is cheaper, silicone is more realistic, and both materials are equally safe as dollsger only sells original products, which guarantees quality and safety.

height and weight
When it comes to how to choose a sex doll, many people immediately think about the size and weight of the doll. This makes sense because they are truly one of the most direct factors that affect the size of a sex doll. In order to provide sex doll lovers with more visual data, we have categorized the dolls according to the size of the love dolls. These categories include dolls with a height of 100 cm, medium sex dolls between 145 and 163 cm and tall Günstige Sexpuppen between 164 and 175 cm. In the next section, we will discuss the size and weight characteristics of the different categories of love dolls.

100cm Sex Dolls: It is important to know that 100cm is not an exact number, but a range that varies around 100cm and also includes smaller mini sex dolls. 100cm sex dolls typically weigh around 12kg and offer a wide range of possibilities for sexual experiences. These sex dolls usually have a vagina, but anal and mouth openings are usually not present depending on the große brüste sexpuppen brand. They are also designed to be more realistic, with more attention to body and facial details. This type of sex doll is perfect for beginners and people who are looking for something that is easy to handle.

Medium Size Sex Dolls: These sex dolls are dolls with a height between 145 cm and 163 cm. The diversity within this area is unimaginably great. The weight of sex dolls in this range is largely determined by factors such as body size, brand and manufacturing materials. Therefore, no specific weight range is provided here for reference. Compared to 100cm sex dolls, these love dolls are much more realistic, with many features and functions that are very similar to real women. If you want a sex doll that meets more of your requirements, such as: B. implanted hair, a built-in heating function and an automatic vaginal and oral suction function, while being easy to maneuver and not causing excessive strain during use, then this type of Sex Doll Torso would be a good choice.

Large sex dolls: We refer to sex dolls that are between 164cm and 175cm tall as large dolls. They weigh between 35kg and 45kg. When considering what size sex doll is best for you, it's not just about calculating the size and weight of the doll. Rather, it's about the doll's ability to meet a person's unique sexual needs. The huge breasts sex dolls in this category have the advantages of medium-sized dolls. Her tall stature is desired by many doll lovers. You can even accessorize these dolls with the most glamorous outfits and accessories, according to your taste. It is important to note that male sex dolls in this range can be slightly heavier than female dolls for the same size. This is due to their muscular build.


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