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The sex doll trends to keep an eye on in 2023


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Before we start the article, let us give you some numbers: The global doll market will be $382.48 million in 2021 and is expected to reach $595.94 million at a CAGR of 7.67% during the forecast period grow in 2027. (Yahoo Finance)

Nowadays, as the concept of Sexpuppen becomes more popular and their owners become more active, they are no longer an item that cannot be opened or needs to be hidden. Many headlines say that some people buy a life-size sex doll that looks similar in memory of a deceased loved one. So you can also see that their function has changed, and for some buyers these dolls have evolved from a mere sex object to a "companion doll" or friend.

The world has changed radically since 2020, yes, the New Crown epidemic. Undoubtedly, people's lifestyles have changed significantly as a result. The world is in lockdown, the streets are empty, and previously less than half of the UK population said they enjoyed shopping online. And since the coronavirus pandemic, around 70% of Brits say they prefer to liebespuppen shop online rather than in a physical store. This is a huge and dramatic shift in purchasing habits.

Single adults are isolated and some couples are separated by long distances, so demand for sex toys has increased significantly during this period. In 2020, online sales of erotic products in Germany increased by 15%. This trend is reflected on a global level. In Canada, sex toy sales increased by 135% during the first embargo and in Italy by 71%.

Sex doll design trends 2022-2025

1.Robotic sex doll

Developing artificially intelligent sex dolls to improve the interaction between people and TPE Sexpuppen is a new goal of major manufacturers. Sex dolls with movable asses and sex dolls that suck penises are also becoming increasingly important for a more realistic user experience. Robot sex dolls are receiving more and more attention.

2.Super-realistic sex doll

The pursuit of ultra-realistic looks is one of the most important developments in the sex doll industry, and it is a direction that is easier to achieve and develop. Thanks to the robustness of silicone, it is possible to create Silikon Sexpuppen with super realistic looks, such as: B. realistic skin textures, veins, removable jaws and a more natural body shape.

3.Imaginative sex doll
Generation Z strongly identifies with secondary elements such as anime, comics and games, which has also boosted sales of anime sex dolls.

So there is a bright future ahead for the Schwarze Sexpuppen industry. People want these love dolls to be more than just sex partners but also friends with whom they can share their time. We hope you see it as more than just a sex tool, but that it can actually play many roles in your life, and we look forward to your discoveries.



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