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Diamond (Ancient Greek: ἀδάμας; French, German: Diamant; English: Diamond; Russian: Алмаз), a mineral composed of carbon, is an allotrope of graphite, one of the five key gemstones, Chemistry and industrial applications as diamond. Diamonds are colorless crystals composed of carbon and are the hardest natural substances known.Sexpuppe

chemical properties

Each carbon atom in the crystal forms a covalent bond with four other adjacent carbon atoms in sp3 hybrid orbitals, and each four adjacent carbon atoms form a regular tetrahedron. The crystal type is a diamond structure, so the crystal shape without polishing is often an octahedron. The C-C bond in diamond is very strong, and all valence electrons participate in the formation of covalent bonds. There are no free electrons, so diamond is very hard, non-conductive, and has a melting point of 3815°C. The ignition point of diamond is 720-800℃ in pure oxygen and 850-1,000℃ in air. Industrially, diamond is mainly used to make drilling probes and grinding tools. Diamonds with complete shapes are polished and are called diamonds, which can be used to make high-end jewelry and are very expensive.Mini Sexdoll

There are several known allotropes of carbon: amorphous carbon, carbon nanofoam, diamond, lonsdaleite, waxstone, polymerized diamond nanorods, cyclocarbon graphene, graphite, and fullerene. Thermodynamically, diamond is less stable than graphite and can spontaneously transform into graphite. However, the speed of this transformation is very slow and can be ignored under normal temperature and pressure, so diamond can exist stably. Diamonds formed in nature are generally formed in the high-temperature and high-pressure environment of the earth's interior, and are later brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions and other crustal tectonic movements. Therefore, many diamonds are found near volcanoes. Modern industry can produce diamond under high temperature and pressure, called "synthetic diamond".

physical properties
The Mohs hardness of diamond is 10; due to its highest hardness, diamond cutting and processing must be done using diamond powder or laser (such as 532nm or 1,064nm wavelength laser). The density of diamond is 3.52g/cm3, the refractive index is 2.417 (at 500 nm light wave), and the dispersion rate is 0.044 Anime Sex Doll

Industrial applications
Due to its extremely high hardness and high thermal conductivity, diamond is used on sandpaper, drilling, and grinding tools. It can be used to cut and score other substances, as well as on heat sinks such as large integrated circuits.

However, since General Electric discovered the technology to obtain synthetic diamond through high temperature and high pressure in 1955, scientists have used high temperature and high pressure to make diamond particles. Now, fine-grained synthetic diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds of the same grade. Therefore, the industrial value of natural diamonds has completely disappeared, and their current main uses are limited to jewelry and ornamental use.Realistische Sexpuppe

Ornamental purpose

Due to its high refractive index, diamond appears sparkling under light and is called a diamond. Giant diamonds are often priceless. Diamonds with blue, green or pink hues are very rare, and those with deep and vivid colors are more expensive. Currently, the most expensive colored diamonds are diamonds with intense red hues.

Diamonds are divided into type 1 and type 2, Celebrity Sex Doll mainly based on whether they contain the N element: type 1 contains it; type 2 does not. The blue diamond is type II B, which is a semiconductor.





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