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How do you use a sex doll?

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Many people search the internet: how to use a Sex doll? Don't be afraid if you are planning to use sex dolls as your new companion, at dollsger you will open up new worlds.

Assemble your sex dolls
The first step in receiving a sex doll is to inspect and assemble the sex doll. Most sex dolls have separate heads and bodies, which means that you will have to assemble your sex doll yourself as soon as you receive it. The manufacturer includes assembly instructions in the packaging, and you can find detailed video instructions on our Sexpuppen videos page.

We know that you are very excited about your sex dolls. Therefore, be careful when opening the package and do not cut your partner with scissors or a knife. Once you have opened the package, take out the accessories and check to see if anything is missing.

The body of the sex doll is then placed in the correct position and laid on a soft, flat surface. Remove the sex doll's head and follow the instructions to assemble your dream woman!

Sex with a sex doll.
Sex dolls are designed for this purpose, and most buyers only buy sex dolls to enjoy sex. Liebespuppen are usually very beautiful, their bodies are perfect and hard to find with real women. So enjoy sex with your love dolls. Their vaginas are designed to look like real people and even surpass real women in functionality. She is tight enough and deep enough. Of course, the love doll does not secrete fluid, so you may need to use a lubricant during use.

Whether you want to use a condom or not is up to you. Condoms will not harm your sex doll, but some sex doll owners use condoms to avoid hurting their sex dolls. If you want to enjoy perfect sex, you can of course not use them.

What is your reason for buying a sex doll? It would be a bit of a shame if they were only used for sexual acts. We have more suggestions on the topic of how to use a sex doll. You can maximize the value of sex dolls.

Explore sexual fantasy
This is the main function: sex dolls can fulfill your countless sexual fantasies and provide a safe, private way to satisfy personal sexual fantasies and preferences. Don't be shy, let your imagination run wild.

Best suited for role play
Whether you want to satisfy your sex fetish or your cosplay hobby, Mini Sexpuppen are perfect for role play. They're like models that don't talk, and you can dress them up in your favorite clothes to fulfill your fantasies. And they won't get tired, they'll be ready to serve you without mocking you or complaining. But you must be careful to be as gentle as possible when dressing them and not hurt them, because they will not recover from their wounds like humans do.

Mature women sex dolls can perfectly serve as companions for real friends. In fact, many people buy sex dolls to relieve their loneliness. You can have her sit next to you on the couch, watch TV, watch the game and hold her when you're scared or upset. Imagine that: Isn't that better than watching a game alone?

What's more, a real sex doll can be your sleeping companion and provide you with emotional comfort and security. You can fall asleep with her, share your stories and worries, and use her presence to help you relax and de-stress.

As far as we know, there are also some Teen Sexpuppen owners who take them with them when traveling, by car of course. If you have to travel by train, plane, etc., it can be a bit difficult to take your sex doll with you.


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