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Preventing the formation of body lumps on TPE sex dolls

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To keep your beloved sex doll in pristine condition, cleaning her is not enough. If you have invested in a TPE doll and intend to cherish it for years to come, preventative measures are crucial. To prevent body lumps from forming, you should follow these practical tips:

1.Don't buy sex dolls that are too cheap. The first step is to avoid being attracted to sex dolls that are below market price, as they are likely to be counterfeit products. We have written extensively about the dangers of fake Sexdolls in a previous blog, if you are interested, please read it. Therefore, choosing quality TPE sex dolls from reputable suppliers is the first line of defense against body lumps.

2. Suspension: For storage, it is ideal to hang the liebespuppe on hooks. This type of storage ensures that the surface of the love doll remains intact, minimizing the risk of pressure marks. However, if hanging is not possible in your home, make sure that the storage location is well padded to distribute the pressure evenly and avoid undesirable results such as flat skin or lumps.

3. Change position regularly: Just as humans need to change position to avoid discomfort, so do TPE sex dolls. When you change the doll's position during storage, distribute the weight and pressure evenly over the different parts of the body. Remember to use a soft support material to cushion the area that comes into contact with the surface. This will reduce the likelihood of lumps forming on the body.

4. remind your sex doll supplier: Once you have placed your order, don't hesitate to let the supplier know your expectations. Request that chubby Love Dolls be carefully packaged and adequately padded to avoid potential problems, including deformation of the TPE skin during transportation.

Effective homemade solutions
When something unpleasant happens, we can't just sit back and wait. Treating body lumps requires a hands-on approach, and some sex doll owners have had success with the following homemade solutions. While these do not guarantee complete elimination, they can certainly improve the appearance of a Realistische Sexpuppen.

1. Gentle massage. Gently massaging the affected area can help to redistribute the TPE sex doll and reduce swelling.

2. Warming: Gently heating the affected area will soften the TPE material. After heating, you can gently reshape the area to achieve a more even distribution of the material and a smoother texture. Be careful not to overheat.

3. Hot spoon and oil: First apply a thin layer of oil to the affected area. Then heat the spoon and gently press its convex surface against the lump. This localized heating effectively removes irregularities.

Note, however, that these techniques usually produce a smoother, shinier surface. It is therefore necessary to restore the skin texture using textured objects or materials. This is somewhat difficult for beginners, so if it doesn't interest you, don't bother trying.

No matter how hard you try, sometimes those pesky body lumps don't go away. It is important to know that this can happen due to the special nature of the TPE material. As in real life, it is possible to accept these small imperfections as part of a sex doll's unique personality. It is not uncommon for small flaws to become part of a Schwarze Sexpuppen personality, just like in real life. After all, accepting uniqueness is a wonderful part of life, both with sex dolls and in the real world.



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