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Mafia has always been a more thoughtful breed of open-worlde

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There’s definitely a bit of a Tony Soprano-Chrissy Moltisanti vibe about how the two operate, which sounds a bit terrifying.
I loved Mafia 2. Yeah, it was a pretty by-the-numbers shooter, whose open-world was ultimately an elaborate, play mafia online, overly detailed backdrop for a linear action game. But it was a superb period piece set in a beautiful, atmospheric city, and had an engaging story and colourful characters.

No shadow is cast by Lincoln, and the lighting on his clothes is just … wrong.

Workers mill around the docks, unloading cargo from ships. Cherry trees in blossom sway in the breeze in Chinatown. From the suburbs of Hunters Point you can see the skyscrapers of downtown Empire Bay looming in the distance. It’s not littered with side missions and crazy vehicles to steal, but it’s a fantastic place just to explore and soak it all in.
Once you’ve made that number tick down to zero by performing a number of tasks dotted around the open world—interrogate this guy, stealing money, take out this gang, investigate this place, free these people, that sort of thing—you’ll draw out a mob boss, a little like the Nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor.
Tricky waters for a AAA action game to navigate in 2016, but then, Mafia has always been a more thoughtful breed of open-worlder. Bigger, and perhaps slightly brawnier, Mafia City nonetheless very clearly carries that defining family trait.

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