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5 Methods of Stimulating Vulva with Vibrating Egg

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Someone told me to the vibrating egg is not good at all, are you sure you utilize love eggs correctly? Like many sex toys, Vibrating Eggs are designed to stimulate the vulva, whether you use it by yourself or a man to help you, both of you must master the right stimulation method, so as to enjoy the wonderful vulva orgasm. Fortunately, this post aims to help you achieve this goal to enjoy a better orgasm.

finger knead

Pinch the clitoris with two fingers squeeze gently, like rolling a bead, and touch with an egg. Start with a soft, gradual increase in irritation. For the first time to play, it is possible that the tide blew.

swim finger

With middle finger and ring finger clamp eggs on the clitoris, index finger and small thumb covered with small labia, egg stimulation clitoris, fingers walk labia, how a great wonderful.

ring finger

This technique is the simplest, with two fingers on the clitoris, from small circles to large circles of friction. The same is true with eggs, but the vibration of the eggs will make the climax soon.

three fingers

One finger rubbing the clitoris, index finger and ring finger to open the labia, with the other hand holding an egg to stimulate the clitoris. It’s so exciting.

sliding finger

Using vibrating egg wipes the clitoris, up and down, slide back and forth. Not only stimulate the clitoris, you can also touch labia using the vibrating egg.


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